15/10/2009 OpenGL 3 Samples Pack released

The OpenGL 3 Sample Pack is a collection of OpenGL 3 samples based on "Core" features. OpenGL 3.1 drivers are required for most samples but a sample requires OpenGL 3.2.

The purpose of this samples pack is just to document the new API with some code to get started with a modern way to use OpenGL.

This project is using SDL 1.3 beta to create a window with an OpenGL 3 context, GLM as a math library and a replacement for deprecated OpenGL fucntions and GLI to load images, either compressed or not.

  • Added buffer type sample
  • Added buffer update sample
  • Added draw instanced sample
  • Added FBO mipmaps sample
  • Added GLSL 1.4 block sample
  • Added GLSL 1.5 block sample
  • Added Image 2D sample
  • Added Image Array 2D sample
  • Added Compressed Image 2D sample
  • Added Image Rectangle sample
  • Added Rasterizer sample
  • Added Vertex Array Object sample

12 samples are included in this first release but a lot more samples are on their ways, I hope this release will be a great appetizer for future releases!

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