11/10/2009 G-Truc Creation 6.1 released

The first major update of G-Truc Creation 6 is released!

The website has little changes on the design side, it maintly provides news functionnalities through the new menu buttons and the photography tab.

  • Added photography tab
  • Added research in G-Truc Creation using Google
  • Added list of all the feeds
  • Added info page
  • Added contact page
  • Updated design
  • Refactored XSLT code

So what's next? I'm not really happy with the photography part so that it will probably be updated soon. Following next: A samples page for my OpenGL 3 Samples Pack (ready for not released...), a page for my 3D graphics content (projects and articles) and finally a version for phones.

OpenGL 3 Samples Pack released >
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