16/10/2009 ATI Stream SDK 2.0 beta 4: CPU + GPU

Following the schedule I was speaking about few days ago, ATI released the ATI Stream SDK 2.0 Beta 4 with CPU and GPU support.

A good information is the list of the supported GPUs: The complet Radeon HD 4*** and Radeon HD 5*** series! It's a good confirmation for the HD 4*** serie even if in this case I would also expect the Radeon HD 3*** series to be supported as well.

I have few questions remain. Aparrently on MacOS X, it's not possible to share the memory between different devices, the CPU and the GPU. Is it possible on an AMD platform?

ATI Stream technology is a set of advanced hardware and software technologies that enable AMD graphics processors (GPU), working in concert with the system’s central processor (CPU). AMD claim for ATI Stream overview

To actually works in concert it needs to be able to share memory between devices. The OpenCL 1.0 specification is not clear about that and it seams to be implementation dependant. Until, I get a Radeon HD 5*** ... I'm investigating! Wait and see...

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