23/02/2014 February 2014 OpenGL status

OpenGL driver issues

This drivers status is based on the OpenGL Samples Pack The NVIDIA implementation had 3 issues with the samples, 19 on AMD implementation, 12 on Intel implementation and 13 on Apple implementation.

At this point, it seems that essentially the remaining issues in NVIDIA driver is non standard behavior supported by the OpenGL implementation. I haven't spent much time on OpenGL 4.4 and OpenGL 4.3 so I wouldn't be surprised if there are more issues with this feature. Micro benchmarking also show really reliable level of performance.

I considered adding Mesa but I am not sure I got working correctly Mesa 10.1 with the last Intel drivers resulting in basically no sample running... I tested Debian 7.3, Ubuntu 13.10 and Mint 16 but there are all stock to Mesa 9.2, hence OpenGL 3.1 support. Unfortunately, the OpenGL Samples Pack requires OpenGL 3.2. Updating Mesa and drivers is far less trivial than on Windows and I am not exactly a Linux user so I expect I messed up somewhere. I really hope I manage to get this working for the next OpenGL status, it would be interesting data to have.

Apple OpenGL implementation hasn't been updated seen last report, let's hope MacOSX 10.9.1 fixes the new features. OpenGL 3.2 is okish, but outside of that it's not great.

I can't exclude that there isn't bug in the samples, so don't hesitate to open an issue.

OpenGL samples passing on available implementations
OpenGL samples passing on available implementations
OpenGL extensions exposed

No change for NVIDIA that has already full support of OpenGL 4.4 and the driver isn't exposing new proprietary features.

AMD implementation has 7 new extensions including five OpenGL 4.4 onces. The big chunk for OpenGL 4.4 is ARB_buffer_storage but this extension remains to be implemented.

Intel implementation added 8 new extensions. Intel is still missing 10 extensions to complete their OpenGL 4.3 implementation. Intel has focused their efforts on the most complex OpenGL 4.3 extensions so I am still pretty confident that we will have get OpenGL 4.3 by Siggraph 2014.

The most impressive jump in extensions exposed comes from Mesa implementation that added 10 new extensions. Mesa coverage is quite sparse as it supports some features of OpenGL 4.4 bug OpenGL 4.0 coverage isn't completed. Mesa is missing some pretty major OpenGL 4.0 extensions: ARB_tessellation_shader, ARB_shader_subroutine, ARB_gpu_shader5 and ARB_gpu_shader_fp64. Out of this set, I probably only really care about ARB_gpu_shader5 for interpolateAtCentroid, interpolateAtOffset and interpolateAtSample functions. The integer functions are also pretty useful and the textureGather too. Sadly, Linux distributions are stocked to Mesa 9.2 with only OpenGL 3.1 supports.

OpenGL features exposed by GPU architechtures for February 2014 status
OpenGL features exposed by GPU architechtures for February 2014 status

Once again, don't forget to contribute to the OpenGL community by reporting your bugs!

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