25/03/2013 March 2013 OpenGL status

The tested drivers this month are AMD Catalyst 13.3 beta 3, Intel and NVIDIA Forceware 314.21 beta.

Apple released MacOS X 10.8.3 that came with an OpenGL drivers update. It fixes many issues from the GLSL compiler but there are still main issues while clearing a FBO or even deleting shader objects attached by program objects. For more information, RenderingPipeline keeps track of more bugs.

Soon after the release of Catalyst 13.3 beta 2, a beta 3 was released fixing some OpenGL issues. With the beta 2, some new OpenGL 4.3 extensions were exposed but those have been removed in the beta 3. Trying to use the beta 2? I experienced some issues, being unenable to run my OpenGL samples. Conscequently, I used the beta 3 for the drivers status. The beta 2 exposed ARB_stencil_texturing, ARB_shader_image_size, ARB_explicit_uniform_location, ARB_ES3_compatibility, ARB_clear_buffer_object and ARB_arrays_of_arrays. Hopefully, we will actually have the support of these extensions soon.

No particular changes noticed on NVIDIA or Intel OpenGL implementations.

OpenGL feature set exposed by GPU architechtures
OpenGL feature set exposed by GPU architechtures
OpenGL samples passing on available implementations
OpenGL samples passing on available implementations

Once again, don't forget to contribute to the OpenGL community by reporting your bugs!

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