30/01/2013 January 2013 OpenGL status

The tested drivers this month are AMD Catalyst 13.2 beta 3, Intel and NVIDIA Forceware 313.95 beta. No newer drivers for Intel, I just kept using last month one.

Core and compatibility profile issues

I am typically working with the core profile because it supports rendering without vertex attributes according to the specification. However, both Intel and NVIDIA supports rendering without vertex attributes with the compatibility profile.

New exposed extensions

AMD implementation exposes four new extensions from OpenGL 4.3 core specification: ARB_texture_storage_multisample, ARB_texture_buffer_range, ARB_fragment_layer_viewport and ARB_multi_draw_indirect.

I have updated the extension matrix with the new extensions but also including MacOS X and Mesa implementations. MacOS X implementation seems to be really far behind everyone else. Mesa is making great progress as only ARB_texture_multisample is missing for a full OpenGL 3.3 support and a good amount of OpenGL 4 hardware extensions are also supported.

January 2013 extensions available
January 2013 extensions available

Bugs fixed

The work on the OpenGL Samples Pack 4.3.2 is focussed on OpenGL 3.2 samples and a MacOS X port. It allowed me to identify new bugs on AMD where creating a depth buffer only framebuffer results into a crash when using the core profile or generates an incomplete framebuffer error using the compatibility profile. Furthermore, using multi draw indirect on SI results in a crash.

On NVIDIA side, we can now use double for the vertex attributes.

January 2013 drivers status
January 2013 drivers status

Once again, don't forget to contribute to the OpenGL community by reporting your bugs! The detailled OpenGL drivers status and OpenGL extensions matrix are available for download below.

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