22/09/2010 OpenGL Samples Pack released (updated)

The OpenGL Samples Pack is a minor update that fixes some problems in my use of OpenGL 4.1. It brings some changes on the respect of OpenGL conformance and I did a little bit of project cleaning.

The OpenGL Samples Pack currently cover a good part of OpenGL 4.1 core profile even if a lot is still missing. I must say that I am a bit bored with this project at the moment and I think it's not going to evolve as fast as it use to the past months.

Following, an update of the drivers status based on this update. First, it's surprizing that nVidia hasn't updated its OpenGL 4.1 for about a month. Since my last drivers status, the only improvement I notice is that AMD drivers doesn't seem to have problem on conditional queries anymore. This was quite a fuzzy problem so that I am still not 100% sure that the problem is actually fixed.

Update: I recieved an email from Piers Daniel (nVidia) to let me know that nVidia drivers 260.63 beta include OpenGL 4.1 beta drivers. Mistery solved, nVidia has updated their drivers! Unfortunately, running a quick test, I didn't observer progresses of the OpenGL 4.1 implementation.

Drivers: AMD Catalyst 10.9nVidia Forceware 259.31 beta / 260.63 beta
410-primitive-tessellationBuild error with misleading messages
410-primitive-instancedException during compilation
410-fbo-layeredgl_ViewportIndex unsupported
410-debug-outputAMD_debug_output support onlyOnly return glGetError
400-texture-buffer-rgbRGB32 TBO fetch not correct
400-sampler-fetchARB GLSL function instead of core GLSL function
400-program-varying-structsDoesn't support varying struct and wrong error message
400-program-varying-blocksBuild error with misleading messages
400-program-64Draw calls ignored, double not supported
400-primitive-tessellationUnexpected warning
400-primitive-instancedUnexpected warning
400-fbo-rttBlack render targets
400-fbo-multisample Min/mag tex param and glMinSampleShadingARB required
400-buffer-uniformUnsupported block array/freeze the program

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