22/08/2010 OpenGL Samples Pack released

The OpenGL Samples Pack is available. As the version indicated it, this release includes some OpenGL 4.1 samples for a total of 68 OpenGL samples.

The OpenGL 4.1 has been written upon nVidia beta drivers 259.31 and thus they should be considered as beta samples.

I have explored the separate programs, the new viewports, the debug output, the extended 64 bits capabilities and the new varying locations. There are also some new samples for OpenGL 4.0 and 3.3.

Also nVidia drivers behave very badly with blocks so I decided not to use them most of the time and instead build a dedicated samples to point out the problem. On other side, it's quite surprizing that nVidia has already fixed some of the bugs I have reported in thir second OpenGL 4.1 beta drivers released and I guess we are going see soon improvements for their OpenGL 4.1 support.

Drivers: AMD Catalyst 10.7 betanVidia Forceware 259.31 beta
410-primitive-tessellationGeometry input block unsupported
410-primitive-instancedException during compilation
410-debug-outputAMD_debug_output support onlyOnly return glGetError
410-fbo-viewportgl_ViewportIndex unsupported
400-sampler-fetchARB GLSL function instead of core GLSL function
400-program-64Draw calls ignored, double not supported
400-program-varying-blocksNo full support for user-defined blocks
400-primitive-tessellationUnexpected warning
400-primitive-instancedUnexpected warning
400-fbo-multisampleMin/mag tex param required
400-buffer-uniformUnsupported block array
400-buffer-texture-rgbRGB32 TBO fetch not correct
330-query-conditionalCan freeze the system! Oo

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