08/01/2010 G-Truc Creation in 2010

On this beginning of the year, I decided to give a general status on G-Truc Creation, the projects and the vision for 2010.

First, I'm glad that my efforts on G-Truc Creation I put since last summer seems to be enjoyed by you visitors as your number have significantly grow so I hope it will continue this way and that it means the content is interesting for you.

For G-Truc Creation in 2010, I would like to make a shift to reach something like half of the content dedicated to my technical side and half of the content dedicated to my creative side which is a fair estimation of my interests. As a consequence, I plan to divide more clearly G-Truc Creation into these 2 sides because I guess that some readers would be interested only on the technical side and others to the creative side even if for me, one calls the other and reverse.

This will be materialized by an update (or updates) of G-Truc Creation website which will keep the same design but with a content reorganization based on categorizes and tags. Everything will become posts to browse however the feed system will remains similar.

Finally, I have some delays on my projects releases so that I reschedule or unscheduled some. I was expecting to do more during the holidays... when I haven't done much beside celebrating and enjoying my time a different way. I wish to go back on more schedule work but I will see how it goes. The next release will be GLI I also have 3 more exhibitions post to write from my holidays, plenty of photo projects I would like to share and more!

GLI released >
< GLEW 1.5.2 released with OpenGL 3.2 support
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