07/12/2009 OpenGL 3 Samples Pack 1.2.0 released

This new version includes a total of 25 OpenGL 3.2 samples.

  • Buffer type: Use different types of array buffer.
  • Buffer update: Use glMapBufferRange to update a array buffer
  • Draw base vertex: Draw based on vertex indexes with and index offset.
  • Draw elements: Draw based on vertex indexes.
  • Draw instanced: Instancing from an unique attribute source.
  • Draw multiple: Instancing using different attribute sources.
  • Draw range: Draw based on vertex indexes with a limited range of index value.
  • FBO blit: Copy a colorbuffer to another colorbuffer.
  • FBO mipmaps: Generate mipmaps of a FBO colorbuffer to sue it as a texture.
  • FBO multiple output: Render to several colorbuffer.
  • FBO multisample: Render in a multisampled FBO.
  • GLSL Block 140: Uniform blocks of GLSL 1.40
  • GLSL Block 150: Generalized blocks of GLSL 1.50
  • Image 2D: Load a 2D RGB texture
  • Image 2D Array: Load several 2D RGB images in a single texture.
  • Image 2D Compressed: Load a 2D DXTC texture
  • Image Rect: Use of a rectangle texture
  • Rasterizer viewport: Display in different viewport.
  • Sampler anisotropy (ext): Apply a texture using different level of anisotropic filtering.
  • Sampler filter: Apply a texture using varius type of filtering.
  • Sampler swizzle (ext): Swizzle texture components at sampling.
  • Sampler wrap: Apply a texture using varius wrap modes.
  • Test scissor: Limit wrtting to an area of the framebuffer.
  • VAO: Use of a vertex array object.

This version is based on a snapshot of GLEW which bring a full support of OpenGL 3.2.

Thanks to the contributors for the Linux port, especially Todd Marshall. It is still in development at this stage but it is getting closer to stable!

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