04/12/2009 CMake 2.8 final released

CMake 2.8.0 is now released since a while ago. I have started to update my projects using CMake with 2.8 and I have encountered mostly one issue. For the future, I really expect to continue to increase my use of CMake.

With CMake 2.6, to use a library of the same solution, I used to just add a dependency.

  • add_dependencies(${EXE_NAME} ${LIB_NAME})

With CMake 2.8, we implicitly need to link with this library.

  • add_dependencies(${EXE_NAME} ${LIB_NAME})
  • target_link_libraries(${EXE_NAME} ${LIB_NAME})

The adoption of CMake continues to increase. A build of Boost based on CMake is available and so much more convenient that the old BJam. Qt Creator, the Qt free IDE released with Qt 4.6, supports CMake since version 1.1.

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