25/10/2009 WormsHL legacies

WormsHL is the first team project I have work for and had a lot of fun! WormsHL is a Half-Life modification based on the universe of the games "Worms". Quite a challenging project! I get in the team as "C++ programmer" to become "Lead Programmer" and "Team Leader", 8 years ago... The project has been really important for me; it really gave me the passion for 3D graphics programming.

I notice few weeks ago that almost all the content related to WormsHL has disappeared from Internet. So sad... WormsHL was on its time quite famous, download on the website at more than 200 000 times when we stop counting and start using mirrors. It’s been distributed with the famous French video game magazine Joystick including 2 articles about the project in magazine.

I still have on my hard disk and some CDs somewhere the remains of the project. To be sure these remains survive or at least I don’t lose them I decided to put everything on SourceForge.

Thanks again for everyone you work on this project and everyone who supported it by playing it! It was a great and successful adventure!

WormsHL b3.2 in-game
WormsHL b3.2 in-game
Using CMake with Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 >
< WebGL, not even release already adopted!
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