23/10/2009 WebGL, not even release already adopted!

WebGL is going to be a graphics specification based on OpenGL ES 2.0 for web browsers. Soon, we are going to be able to do real-time graphics in the web browser in Javasript!

How amazing does it sound? I can't see the limits of the possibilities it brings yet!

I think this a common agreement, announced at Siggraph 2009, the project already have an implementation in Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox while the specification are not released.

A lot of blogs about WebGL are already available and some projects released. On my side, I wonder if I could find some time to make a version of GLM in Javascript.

I think WebGL is going to be a well spread standard from 2010, replacing Flash in lot of cases with advantages but I also expect to see games like Quake Live running cross-platform with WebGL.

I surely can't wait to start working on my next version of G-Truc Creation using WebGL!

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