01/10/2009 Popo's book experiment

Last week-end, I was in Paris and I did a photography experiment I was planning for months for Pauline.

On Saturday morning, we had a briefing where I explained how I would like to do this experiment and what kind of result I was expecting. Before this breifing, I didn't had any idea of the photography theme. This speach was more about how I see photography and how it should serve her book.

Basically, I explained how I believe that photography must come from the heart not the head because the goal of a picture is, I believe, to generate an emotinal response and not an rational response. We also spoke about how she needs to be the picture subject and not the picture object. If she was an object in the pictures, it doesn't mean that the pictures would not generate emotional response but these pictures are made for her book.

At the end for the briefing we found a common interest for La Nouvelle Vague and we setup this context with the assistance of Alexandra Navarro. The shoot took place in the lovely Cour Damoye close to Bastille.

I used a bit of post processing to make the pictures look slightly older and to amplify the visual impact.

I'm quite happy with this experiment, Pauline was really providing the energy for this shoot which was really needed because of a major train delay between London and Paris which give me about 3 hours of sleep. All pictures were "played" and "not static" which I hope give something more natural and more 'real'. By real, I mean an outside display of an inside trait.

These pictures could have been better if I had enough of sleep (I was struggeling using my camera and quite shaking) and I think we would have need a lot more researsh to really reach this idea of "Nouvelle Vague". Photography requires a lot of work!

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