29/09/2009 nVidia release OpenCL drivers!

nVidia has finally release its first public release and conformant of OpenCL drivers for Windows with a complet and impressive SDK!

There are 30 samples demonstrating how to use OpenCL by itself but also with OpenGL interaction. The SDK is label nVidia SDK Computing SDK which involve CUDA (77 samples) and DirectCompute (4 samples). All the samples are suposed to run on GeForce 8 and upper but I actually get some crashes for some.

nVidia has also release an "OpenGL Visual Profiler" for debugging.

This is probably the really start of stream processing on PC, we will probably see a lot of software announcing GPU acceleration in the next months!

Screenshot of the OpenGL + OpenCL samples of the SDK
Screenshot of the OpenGL + OpenCL samples of the SDK
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