28/03/2015 OpenGL Samples Pack released

The OpenGL Samples Pack introduced new samples for NVIDIA Maxwell architechture but also samples testing sRGB color space.

Release notes:
  • Added gl-500-conservative-raster-nv sample
  • Added gl-500-fbo-layered-nv sample
  • Added gl-500-fill-rectangle-nv sample
  • Added gl-500-primitive-shading-nv sample
  • Added gl-500-shader-blend-intel sample
  • Added gl-500-shader-blend-nv sample
  • Added gl-500-sample-location-nv sample
  • Added gl-500-sample-location-grid-nv sample
  • Updated gl-320-fbo-srgb sample to be more meaningful
  • Added gl-320-fbo-blend sample
  • Added gl-320-fbo-srgb sample
  • Added gl-320-fbo-srgb-blend sample
  • Added gl-320-fbo-srgb-decode-ext sample
  • Added gl-430-fbo-srgb-decode sample
  • Added gl-320-texture-lod sample
  • Added gl-320-fbo-depth-stencil sample
  • Added gl-440-fbo-depth-stencil sample
  • Reorganized vendor and ARB samples into GL5 hardware samples
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