10/12/2014 GLM released

GLM came with its set of major glitches: C++98 only mode, 32 bit build, Cuda and Android support should all be fixed in GLM release.

  • Added GLM_LANG_CXX14_FLAG and GLM_LANG_CXX1Z_FLAG language feature flags
  • Added C++14 detection
  • Clean up GLM_MESSAGES compilation log to report only detected capabilities
  • Fixed scalar uaddCarry build error with Cuda #276
  • Fixed C++11 explicit conversion operators detection #282
  • Fixed missing explicit convertion when using integer log2 with *vec1 types
  • Fixed 64 bits integer GTX_string_cast to_string on VC 32 bit compiler
  • Fixed Android build issue, STL C++11 is not supported by the NDK #284
  • Fixed unsupported _BitScanForward64 and _BitScanReverse64 in VC10
  • Fixed Visual C++ 32 bit build #283
  • Fixed GLM_FORCE_SIZE_FUNC pragma message
  • Fixed C++98 only build
  • Fixed conflict between GTX_compatibility and GTC_quaternion #286
  • Fixed C++ language restriction using GLM_FORCE_CXX**
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