20/09/2013 GLM released

New revision of GLM 0.9.4 available thanks to user contributions.

  • Fixed detection to select the last known compiler if newer version #106
  • Fixed is_int and is_uint code duplication with GCC and C++11 #107
  • Fixed test suite build while using Clang in C++11 mode
  • Added c++1y mode support in CMake test suite
  • Added pedantic mode to CMake test suite for Clang and GCC
  • Added use of GCC frontend on Unix for ICC and Visual C++ fronted on Windows for ICC
  • Added compilation errors for unsupported compiler versions
  • Removed ms extension mode to CMake when no using Visual C++
  • Fixed glm::orientation with GLM_FORCE_RADIANS defined #112
  • Fixed const ref issue on assignment operator taking a scalar parameter #116
  • Fixed glm::eulerAngleY implementation #117

GLM 0.9.5 is still in active development, fell free to download a staging and submit feedback.

  • GLM (ZIP, 5.1 MB) (7Z, 3.0 MB)
  • Submit a bug report
  • GLM 0.9.4 Manual
  • GLM 0.9.4 API
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