16/02/2013 OpenGL Samples Pack released

The OpenGL Samples Pack mainly adds MacOS X support through a set of 27 OpenGL 3.2 samples and it restaures Linux support. This has been made possible by replacing FreeGLUT by GLFW and removing GLEW which doesn't support the core profile. The 27 OpenGL 3.2 samples are essentially back port of previously OpenGL 3.3 samples.

Apple OpenGL implementation fails to run 4 samples on a GeForce 9600M. With 320-buffer-uniform-shared that generates a GLSL compiler error failing to interpret global scope layout qualifier on uniform. With 320-glsl-builtin-blocks, the implementation doesn't support built-in block redeclarations. 320-glsl-precision generates a drivers crash. Finally, 320-texture-integer fails to render an integer texture.

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