12/08/2012 OpenGL Samples Pack released

The OpenGL Samples Pack has been updated to introduce 9 OpenGL 4.3 samples.

  • 430-atomic-counter
  • 430-direct-state-access-ext
  • 430-draw-without-vertex-attrib
  • 430-image-store
  • 430-interface-matching
  • 430-multi-draw-indirect
  • 430-program-compute
  • 430-texture-copy
  • 430-texture-view

The coverage of the OpenGL 4.3 specification remains far from exostive and this package has only been tested on Windows. I used NVIDIA OpenGL 4.3 beta drivers. The support so far seems really at an early stage considering that the implementation is only capable to pass five out of the nine samples.

This new package is for Windows only for the moment.

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