26/08/2011 OpenGL Samples Pack released (updated)

This new version of the OpenGL Samples Pack provides 12 OpenGL 4.2 samples. All of them have been largely updated and work on both Windows (Visual C++) and Linux (G++).

I have added the support of CTest to use the samples as a very basic unit test suite for the OpenGL drivers. It includes an CMake option named "OGL_SAMPLES_STATUS" to automatically run all the samples and get a report, in the console or Visual C++ debug output, of the success or not of the executions of all the samples one by one. This option makes each sample running for 10 frames and then automatically close it to execute the next one until the entire set of samples has been executed. To launch this sequence, just build the project "RUN_TESTS" in the solution.

This unit tests can only spot unsupported extensions, crashes, OpenGL errors and GLSL compiler errors. However, if the rendering is just wrong, it will returns 'success'... In the future, I would like to add a rendering result analysis against a reference image to automaticcally spot rendering errors but this is not happening before the end of the year.

I put quite some efforts on this new version, reporting as much bugs as I could to AMD and NVIDIA and to hopefully leave it behind for a while and focus on others things.

This version will be used for August 2011 OpenGL drivers status to be released soon.

UPDATE 26/08/2011: Version changed the default CTest mode.

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