03/02/2011 OpenGL Samples and GLM now part of the OpenGL SDK

A while ago, I received an email from Daniel Koch on the behalf of OpenGL ARB working group because they thought that my OpenGL samples would be a good fit for the official OpenGL SDK. This is now done and GLM has followed in this process.

The current pages are temporaries. I would like to integrate them into my website framework to keep them automatically updated without extra effort. In this scenario, the current glm.g-truc.net would become a rediction to the GLM OpenGL SDK page and I would probably create an address for the OpenGL Samples Pack (ogl-samples.g-truc.net?) redirecting to its OpenGL SDK page as well. I still think the OpenGL Samples Pack need a bit more of perspective to become a step more interesting. Let's see how things goes.

Based on the statistics provided by SourceForge.net, the OpenGL Samples Pack has been downloaded on average 1530 times per month over the last 6 months of 2010, and GLM has been downloaded on average 621 times per months which sounds quite good to me for a more or less confidential website. I am curious to see how the interest for these projects will evolve but I am pretty sure it would be in the right direction thanks to the feedback of programmers who use GLM and the OpenGL Samples Pack.

Next? I think that GLI, my texture loader library could become a good fit too but it is not mature yet. The DDS loader is pretty good with formats support up to the new BC6H and BC7, which is really mandatory, but I still want to make major internal changes and a KTX loader would be great too despite maybe some design drawbacks. How long it is going to take? Being realistic, I'll say maybe a year or two but that's part of G-Truc Creation process, looking forward and long terms in a little bit per little bit base.

I find this news pretty exciting but I think more exciting news remains to come in 2011.

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