28/11/2010 G-Truc Creation released

Finally! G-Truc Creation version 7 is released, a new version actually only a bit more than 1 year since version 6.0. In its lifetime, G-Truc Creation 6 has many updated and I believe it will be the same for G-Truc Creation 7, especially on the regard of WebGL. G-Truc Creation requires Chrome 7, Firefox 4 Beta 7, Safari 5 or Internet Explorer 9 to work perfectly.

For this version, I try to break the usual (and casual) way to browse at blog posts, proposing a different experience to the visitors. I have also looked for a simpler way to browse the website instead of multiple useless possibilities. I don't like all this website with so many things everywhere. I find them quite distracting. I wish my website to be about the content so that the visitors could learn as much as possible so I want them to be able conscentrate. Please toggle to fullscreen mode to explore my website, it would make me very happy!

All in all this new version is I guess slightly more daring that the previous one. In November 2010, it reached a new record of the number of visits and I hope that the new version will continue to raise interests for the website and OpenGL.

G-Truc Creation 7 will probably be updated soon to fix some issues so don't hesitate to contact me so report any problem you encounter.

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