07/09/2010 GLI released

At the OpenGL BOF at Siggraph 2010, the Khronos Group announced KTX, an image library to load texture for OpenGL. It brought me a lot of expectations followed by my usual scepticism. Unfortunately after a closer look, I find it pretty useless and I'll rather stick to my personal image library OpenGL Image (GLI). Despite its lack of features, it fills 80% of my needs!

I hope KTX gets better but until then, I have just release GLI which trivially adds a DDS exporter. So far, it doesn't do any convertions or compressions or decompressions so that an image loaded from a DDS RGB8 files can be save as DDS RGB8 but not as a DDS DXT1 for example.

As part of my new development process, now GLI has its own SourceForge.net page, its own Git repository and bug tracker.

I still have lot of plans for this project, I just need to find some more time to work on it...

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