10/04/2010 G-Truc Creation 6.4 released

I have a growing obsession: How I experience things. Readying a text, watching a picture, going to an exhibition, working on something and actually everything I do. We can't do everything in any condition or at least not as well. A good experience makes it easier to learn things, more efficient to do things, reduce tiredness, increase enjoyment, etc. I am really into that kind of things and believe it or not: it works for me!

I really don't like all these websites with ads everywhere or those that desperately try to fill the pages with as much stuff they can. Such a good representation of our current society where is always about "more more and more". I even believe that if most website provides chip and short content it's because their layouts are so full that it is impossible for someone to really concentrate for long. Sometime I really want to say: "please let me breeze!"

This update of G-Truc Creation is mainly inspired by this experience idea. You might think "A good experience with such orange?". I want to say yes, it's how I want the reader to experience this space. I believe that orange is a color that push boundaries beyond the consensus or the usual and that's exactly what I am looking for.

Some people might wonder: "Where is the menu!". I move it to the search page. If you read an article, why should you care about seeing the menu? I would personally prefer that you concentrate on the content, memorize what you want and even elaborate your own ideas to send me a feedback for example. The menu in the search page and it is more complete that what it used to be. If you don't immediately see what you are looking for, you can see use the google search on G-Truc Creation.

I have also added two new buttons in the title: One for my Picasa page and one for my Twitter page. I must say that I hardly use Twitter yet... However, I want to use it more because I am looking for something to connect with my readers to get a bit more of feadbacks and continue to improve my content. We will see how it goes... enjoy!

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