30/03/2010 Hello Radeon HD 5850!

I love my new graphics card! A Radeon HD 5850 generously provided by AMD to test my work on it. OpenGL 4.0 hardware, silent, 4 screen outputs so that I can plug my 3 24 inch screens on it to have a descent working space for both my programming and photography. Nice! Thanks you AMD!

If I may analyze this, I will say it's another demonstration of the increase of interest for OpenGL by AMD. They want the stuff out there to work, it's good for AMD image related to OpenGL which hasn't been good. Since 1 or 2 years, the community starts to see some results from AMD evolution. Now, this image gets better and better as the drivers progress and as AMD is showing a desire to bring innovations through OpenGL publishing AMD extensions.

AMD OpenGL drivers are still not at the level of nVidia OpenGL drivers but now they are 'good' quality. However, in this world there is no space for 'good', we ask for 'great'! Something convenient with nVidia OpenGL drivers is that it "always works" even if it should not. AMD OpenGL drivers are much more strict and I quite appreciate this. Chances are, if it works on AMD, it will work on nVidia. I really hope that AMD is going to keep up the good work and, with my new baby, I am going to keep an eye on it!

My Radeon HD 5850 with an exclusive ATI sticker! Beautiful...
My Radeon HD 5850 with an exclusive ATI sticker! Beautiful...
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