16/12/2009 C++ Experiments

Some programmers are explaining for hours that Lisp, Java, C, C++, C#, Python are their favorite languages because they are the best language and they can even rationally explain why and find good points.

I think this is ways to much dogmatic for me, I'm a septic person. The world hasn’t been build from reasons but from passions! Everyone will find positive and negative point for languages ... so who cares of the best language? My favorite language is C++ because it is the one I have the most fun with!

Over the years, I always had more to learn about C++ everyday and this is going to continue probably until I use C++. Over those years each time I had a question about C++ I create a test project to check it out. I saved a lot of those test programs and I though it might be good idea to use them as a material to speak more about C++ on G-Truc Creation. I decided to make a project of them "C++ Experiments".

  • Overloaded functions through the return parameter only.
  • Global function with template template parameter.
  • Class with template template parameter and template template default argument.

Is it any familiar? Check it out and have fun!

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