24/09/2009 G-Truc Creation 6.0 released!

This version 6 provides better ways to browse the posts, a lost of improvements on the post formatting, atom feeds with full content included and of course a new design. It is a valid XHTML 1.1 and ATOM 1.0 website!

However, feature wise, the website is not finished yet. 'The posts' part of the website is the only one available for the moment which is not really convenient to find projects and articles downloads and decriptions. An dedicated section called "3D Graphics" is still under construction for this purpose. In the meantime, by browsing the posts, you could find all the projects and articles released ... with hopefully unbroken links.

I also expect to create others parts: Photography, contact and maybe download. Finally, an even lighter version of the website will be available for mobile phones but probably not really soon.

I believe, this 6th version of G-Truc Creation is a really nice and polished improvement from the previous version ... I hope you will all agree with me!

Valid XHTML 1.1Valid Atom 1.0
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