17/09/2009 G-Truc Creation Version 6, WIP part 2: News feeds and preview!

One other espect of the new website will be the improvement on the News Feed. It is currently so bad that I have dropped the idea of including the content of the posts in the news feed. People have to go to the website to read because anyway, it was impossible to read the post in the new feed because it was formatted at all.

Version 6 news feeds are going to use ATOM instead of RSS 2.0. It will be formatted and possible to read the full content directly on Google Reader, Google Homepage, NetVides

Several news feeds are actually going to be available. For example: for the whole website; for the photography section; for GLM.

Moveover, starting now, I'm using FeedBurner to provide a nicer way to add the feeds to your favorite feed reader. It also makes easier the feeds management as when version 6 will be released, I will need to change to feed address which is visitor won't even notice.

Please, update your news feed address with this one: http://feeds.feedburner.com/g-truc.

Finally, a preview release of the new website is available! Enjoy and if you have some ideas, let me know! I actually already had a lot of great feedbacks from friends, thanks to all of them it did make a difference!

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