15/09/2009 G-Truc Creation Version 6: Work in progress

I have been really active the past days working on a new version of G-Truc Creation website: Version 6!

Technically, no much change: It will still based on a big XML database and XHTML 1.1 pages are generated thanks to XSLT files using Xalan. Of course the design uses a lot of CSS! Philosophically, no much change either: The purpose is to improve the website ergonomic...

Just for some background check, I had a look on the post where I was presenting G-Truc Creation Version 5 and I was quite surprised to notice that my expectation for the 6th version are exactly the same of the one of version 5... Maybe, this means that version 5 is a failure or that getting a good ergonomic is long evolution.

Even though, for version 6, I am considering my content and my evolution. It will be more about photography and the OpenGL samples. I really, I hope that it will be a big jump for the overall ergonomic, making the website easier to browse, easier to find whatever we want. A good feedback for me was to notice that the old French news seems to pop-up all time which is very annoying because it's not in French but a good news because it means to me its easier to access to everything. I'm quite optimistic!

Technically, I expect to use XSLT 2.0 and XPath 2.0 but despite an upgrade of Xalan to the last version, still, it doesn't support those versions. However, I notice that Xalan 1.10 is significantly faster! It's good news because version 6 requires a lot more offline processing to generate all the pages.

It is designed for netbooks and I also plan a version for mobile phones, at least iPhones, but after the release of version 6!

Finally, I would say: new design, new ergonomic and a lot of work! I expect to publish a preview version soon but the final release could take several weeks...

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