14/05/2009 GLM work in progress

GLM have been released a week ago and provides the first GTC stable extensions.

However, GLM development have been started for a while and should finally provides some SSE optimisations! It's been a while since I started to experiment with SSE first with intrinsics then with asm (so much fun!) and I finally came back to intrinsics when asm became deprecated by x86-64.

I have not idea the extra form the implementation is going to have, so far I have a vec4 and mat4 types and a lot of functions which extend intrinsic functions. I think, the first release while be limited to SSE (and SEE2?) but I expect to take advantage of SSE3 and upper versions thought VC9 intrinsics in the future.

When it's going to be released? I'm sure plenty of GLM 0.8.3 patch versions would be released before it happens.

Any idea on this topic? Thanks for sharing!

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