20/04/2009 IAMX in tour

IAMX is the project of Chris Corner also member of the band Sneaker Pimps, a british trip-hop band.

With IAMX, Chris Corner explores an energetic electronic based music to deal with darkness, eroticism and decadence.

The first album 'Kiss + Swallow (2004)' sound like free electro with a Chris Corner voice display on front which gives a Pop side to this album. The second album released in 2006 in Europe, "The Alternative", provides a more accessible music for most but maybe more balanced. Fortunately, the whole potential of IAMX is unleashed in Live which almost make the albums seem plain after while!

IAMX has started a tour in this US and in Europe where they played in London last yesterday, in Paris on Wednesday, in Berlin on Saturday and a lot more dates all over Europe soon! I show that should not be missed by any amateur of good electronic and trip-hop music!

Finally, the third album, 'Kingdom of Welcome Addiction', is going to be release on May 18th and a first song 'Think of England' is available on IAMX myspace page.

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