14/04/2009 Küken released

A first release of Küken is finally available! This version should be considered as an Alpha version.

Küken is an OpenGL 3.0 + extensions renderer. It is build with a very programmable approach and aims GeForce 8 and beyond. It hasn't been tested on Radeon cards yet so nothing sure with sure platform. However all the extensions used by Küken are supported on Radeon cards which should make it portable quite quickly.

It supports offscreen rendering with multisampling, geometry instancing, render 2 buffer, queries and conditional rendering, uniform buffer (Through GL_EXT_bindable_uniform currently), etc...

It is a low level library where all features are exposed as objects of the rendering pipeline (rasterizer, blend, program, rendertarget, etc.). This design aims allowing effect files, sorting, efficient multithreading and portability to D3D10/11.

For higher level features the idea is to create others projects to keep packages tiny. Possible futur projects would be a FX system, a multithreaded tasks ans communications system, a geometry optimization library, a scene graph ... Not much done yet but the FX system should be first available, it will make easier my test process.

Küken exposes almost all programmable and not deprecated OpenGL 3.0 features but there is still a lot of tests to do check everything. The next step is OpenGL 3.1 and especially GL_ARB_uniform_buffer_object.

The project is managed using CMake, coded in C++ and use GLM and GLI but have been tested only on Visual C++ 8.0 yet.

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