28/03/2009 GLI released

OpenGL Image (GLI) is a "new" C++ project I'm working on mostly based on old image code.

It allows to load images (DDS and TGA), save images (TGA), to apply few image operations (flip, mirror) and manipulate image data (duplicate, crop, copy part of images and generate mipmaps), etc.

This is still the beginning of the project, the API may change, bugs could occure and obviously features are still very limited.

For the future of this project, I would like to add feature like arthmetic operations, blending, trilinear filtering, blitting, rotations, various color operations, compression and so on. Also, I expect to provide some quite of OpenCL support ...

A lot of work is still needed, there is not even any documentation but it is already quite useful in a combined use with OpenGL for textures. This is kind of a preview so any feedback will be much appreciated!

GLI requires GLM and Boost to build. This first release has been tested only with Visual Studio 8.0.

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