23/03/2009 G-Truc Creation: Version 5 unleashed!

I have to admit, the overall G-Truc Creation V4 website ergonomy is not ... well not perfect. If I can't find something quickly on it, how someone else could espect to find something?

Moreover, blogging is became popular, people like it and I like it! It's also the kind of ergonomy where visitors are getting more and more experiences.

As a conclusion, this new version 5 become closer to a blog and I changed the way to browse the website. I have translated to English a part of the content but a lot of work is still needed to reach a full English website ... The design is still quite the same even if few updated have been made. On a technical side, it's still a full static website based on a big XML database XSL and XPath code to generate XHTML pages.

On the content side, I expect to deal with others topics that 3D graphics, like exhibitions, pictures, musics and crazy personal thougths.

I hope you enjoy this new version!

And there is some kind of comment system!
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