12/03/2009 CryEngine 3 at GDC 2009

CryEngine ... what a good name for what is still just the most amazing real time graphics engine today for me but I guest for most graphics programmer!

And Crytek write a press release: The CryEngine 3 will be presented at GDC 2009 (March 25th - 27th) in San Francisco. So exiting! But what could we actually espect?

According the press release, the development team increase multi platform support to PS3 and XBox 360 which imply OpenGL, D3D9 and D3D10 support. However, no comment have been made in the graphics improvement but is it really disappointing?

Multiplatform support was really an issue of the CryEngine 2 over the Unreal Engine 3 and honestly when you look at Crysis even now, don't you have still the moment where you have this string filling that stock you there: "Whahouu, this is freaky amazing!"

For sure when I look at the shadows, I think it's good but not really estonishing. The flicking draw back of plant alpha test still annoyed me much. The ambiant illumitation is still very cheap. The terrain rendering is really impressive but SM4 provides quite some capabilities that could lead to better rendering and high performance. Here is four areas when I espect to see improvements in very high quality. Other tech improvement could be better the management of multi core CPUs. Crysis uses just single core for everything in game.

I can't way to blow my eye, my mind with picture, video and tech presentation! Take a gasp ... we are going to cry!

Crysis vs realityCrysis vs realityCrysis vs realityCrysis vs realityCrysis vs realityCrysis vs realityCrysis vs reality
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