22/12/2008 OpenGL Framework

Well, let's say that I got back to my favorite API: OpenGL. OpenGL 3.0 still sucks but I have some goods expectation for OpenGL 3.1.

First of all some kind of improved bindable uniform seems to be on track because Blizzard study the overload of uniform and it wasn't good at all. For me current bindable uniform are already really good but it seems that an improved version could be included in OpenGL 3.1.

We could expect loading of GLSL program from binary as well and hopefully some removed deprecated features … Wait and see.

Anyway, I'm working again on OpenGL Framework (GLF). This project is born in 2005 at the same time than GLM but never involved … until now days. Basically, the idea is to provide tools and documentations to program with OpenGL.

On the documentation side, GLF includes OpenGL, GLSL and all extensions specifications. It also includes an evolution of the G-Tut-Pack, that we could maybe call version 3. The amount of samples remains quite low yet, I hope to find time to push it up. All samples are design in a truly programmable way and currently use OpenGL 2.1 plus extensions but will maybe move to OpenGL 3.0 before the first release. It's quite the same to be honest. I also expect to provide D3D9 and D3D10 samples as well but probably not soon.

On the tools side, it includes GLM but also new libraries: OpenGL Vertex (GLV) for mesh generations and vertex data management; OpenGL Image (GLI) for image loading and processing; and OpenGL Overload, a C++ wrapper using all extensions and making OpenGL simple to stick to the high end programmable features. This is quite a try library, I hope to see good from it but nothing sure yet.

I was expecting to release GLF in 2008 but I spend too much time on the new libraries to make this happened. As a preview just check out the SVN repository and feel free to send me your feedback!

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