21/05/2011 Sculpture at the Tate Liverpool

I rescently went to Liverpool and head to the Tate especially because I was curious by the on going exhibition about perspective. However, and despite some interesing piece in this exhibition, from this visit what will remain in my memory is the current exhibition about British sculpture: A set of comptempory sculpture place within a very 70s context with flasing lights, funk music and a disco dance floor for us.

I am not especially an amator of body sculptures but I am forced to admit that I enjoy this exhibition not only for its outraguous context which only emphasise the overall twist of the whole exhibitions. Pictures without flash where allowed so I let you enjoy the nature of this installation.

A perfect day light head-phone party in the middle of a museum, England never fails to surprise me!

DLA Piper Series: This is Sculpture at Tate Liverpool
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