19/01/2011 William Kentridge at Vienna's Albertina

A first image phrase, or idea would justify itseft in the unfolding of images, phrases and ideas sparoned by the work as it progressed. The imperfect erasures of the succeessive stages of each drawing become a record of the progress of an idea and a record of the passage of time. William Kentridge

Some artists of our time are so stunning that we know that we will eventually came accross them anytime soon. That's what happen to me with William Kentridge.

I saw an exhibition of his work earlier this year at Paris' Jeu de Paume and it was already amazing but this was one of the many exhibitions I saw I just lacked of time to write a report and save it in my life time memory§. This time is was the turn of Vienna's Albertina to display a compete retrospective of William Kentridge.

Between "stone edge" cinema (as he like to call it) and some form of innovations, William Kentridge appears to me as a 'revolutionnar-traditionalist'. Despite being based on old form of art, the way he reuse them involve the creation of new medias, new ways to experience.

This exhibition is running until the 30 of January 2011 at Vienna's Altertina. It should not be missed for anyone who likes to awake his sense of wonder and creativity.

The studio is an enclosed space not just physically but also psychically, like an enlarged head ; the pacing in the studio is the equivalent of ideas spinning round in one's head, as if the brain is a muscle and can be exercised into fitness, into clarity. William Kentridge

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