04/01/2011 Renoir at Paris Grand Palais

Le grand bénéfice que j'ai tiré de mes visites chez Renoir fut de constater qu'apres une longue vie de travail, la curiosite d'un artiste pouvait ne pas etre épuisée. Henri Matisse

Until the 4th of Junuary 2010, just a year from today, le Grand Palais displayed a great exibition about the late work of Jean Ausguste Renoir the famious French impressionnist painter who decided to change the orientation of his work following others inspirations from Raphael to Velasquez.

This fabulous exhibition pictures all the subject of interest of Renoir during this period: The woman body as a monument, the integration of the subject with the background and a come back to more traditional techniques.

I have been especially impression by the way Renoir saw and paint the skin, the flesh. He found beauty to see the woman body as massive and to paint them actually fatter that they were which I find interesting considering the current standard for women beauty. I see Renoir as a master of material, cloth, hair or flesh through Renoir paintings we just see the softness, the density, the thiness. The multi-layer technique to pain the skin stunned me and is actually similar to some implementation of a 3D rendering technique called subsurface scattering.

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