19/09/2010 Skin at the London's Wellcome Collection

Examination by Heather Barnett
Examination by Heather Barnett

I like how art is able to push individual boundaries. I think I have seen quite a lot and all sort of things. I have been amazed, surprized, stunned by some exhibitions. Most of them have contribute to my personal evolution and some have accomplished something further close to 'breaking changes' even if I don't believe in changes.

However, there is nothing safe about art so that it could be beyond boundaries and completely out reach, either for an individual either for its time.

With its exhibition Skin, the Wellcome Collection manages to lead me far away from my boundaries. It has been quite a disturbing experience for me. This exhibition depicts its subject from a middle age medical perception to a contemporary art perception, 6 centuaries of study of this layer that separate the outside from the inside.

The exhibition could seem a bit missy considering that a 16th centuary drawing can end up next to a 21th centuary photogragh but I find it a good taste and a desire a put time a part: A statement for the fascination of skin over times.

Even if my experience through this exhibition have been quite disturbing, I highly advice this exhibition for everyone that can handle the view of écorché people. The exhibition is runing until the 29th September 2010 for free. Finally, have a look at the exhibition website, one of the most interesting I have seen for an exhibition.

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