16/05/2010 Nathalia Edenmont at Stockholm's Wetterling Gallery

Nathalia Edenmont is a contreversial Swedish photograph born in Yalta in Ukraine.

The Wetterling Gallery is displaying her serie title "No feelings" which shows some disturbing pictures of people including children that express no feeling. I would say it's some empty feeling pictures. Following the always relevant Newton principle "Action, Reaction", these photographes awake the viewers feelings.

I personnaly believe that Nathalia Edenmont display in this series the lack of consideration people could have probably with a focus on the fashion world here. I don't think it's a fair view as high street cloths, that we all buy, are actually more subject to a global and massive consideration by who makes them and who makes them. Do you realize that the cloths you buy are made in a dictature, maybe made by children or under paid employees?

An outstanding display open to public for free until May 22.

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