20/01/2010 G-Truc Creation 6.2 work in progress

I started working on the new update of the website and I must admit that going thought the website code after 3 months was quite complicated.

Just to add a simple category in the menu, I had to make changes in 4 different files... That's a bad smell, a sign of bad software design. That's the first thing I took care of so that now it's absolutely handy to add or remove a category. I edit a XML file and this is it: The appropriated files are generated, the menu is updated, the directory (below the title of a post) is updated and a simple change of name is automatically reported everywhere.

XSLT is that wonderful that, once again, doing these design changes, I actually reduce the amount of code to manage all this.

This is a great improvement on the development side followed by few others: tags so that a post could be in several categories, reduction of build and upload time and finally use of CMake to manage the website project.

There are still some bad smells in the code I would like to fix after what I will work on the main goal of this update: A clear separation between the programming and artistic sides. Release expected within 2 weeks.

If I had to write C code... >
< You have to use a revision control system... really!
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