17/10/2009 SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution at London Somerset House

The Somerset House is hosting an exhibition that I didn't expect to enjoy that much! "SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution".

Fashion, not always my cup of tea but anyway I decide to go because this exhibition feature a live fashion photography shoot from time to time. It was a good opportunity for me to follow my current study of the interaction between the photographer and the model. After this exhibition, I end up with a single idea, a single obsession, which I believe to be a huge step: "Experience the creation process", maybe some kind of my interpretation of SHOWstudio fundations: Process, performance, participation.

“SHOWstudio is based on the belief that showing the entire creative process —from conception to completion— is beneficial for the artist, the audience and the art itself.” Nick Knight

I can't say, I have been so excited by the photography shoot. It seems too static for me especially when I advocate the release of emotions. Well, that's maybe how fashion photography is. However, the exhibition itself is a wonder, a tribute to creativity and how to live fashion beyond just the cloches, beyond its predominate media. Over the years, SHOWstudio explored fashion with photography, performances, computer graphics (really!) and especially films through many collaboration with Alexander McQueen, Kate Moss, Björk, etc. Each project feels like an unique creative experiment...

For once, and I hope it's going to be a habit, the exhibition is still on and due to its success, more live photography shows are planned on Wednesday 28th October and 30th October from 12am to 21pm and I'm probably going to one of those to see another live photography shoot. The exhibition is on until 20 December 2009 for only £5 and I highly recommend it!

SHOWstudio exhibition video presentation
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