05/08/2009 AMD releases the first public OpenCL implementation for x86 CPUs

I'm so annoying by nVidia marketing/communication methods. A good example is the release of drivers that people believed to be OpenGL 3.2 one ... but it isn't! There are some features of OpenGL 3.2 but it's not OpenGL 3.2 drivers!

With OpenCL, it's quite the same ... just an announcement effect because nVidia OpenCL implementation is not public... On the other hand AMD announced "AMD Delivers Industry’s First OpenCL™ Software Development Platform for x86 CPUs" and it is exactly what it is. I have been trying it, it build and run on my Core 2 CPU.

Yes it's not for GPU yet, where the buzz is, but OpenCL for multicore CPUs which is actually as useful. I'm definetly waiting for a GPU implementation but until then I'm so going to have fun with OpenCL on my CPU!

Nice release by AMD!

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