02/06/2009 Photography Contest by Google and the Saatchi Gallery

Google and the London Saatchi Gallery organize a photography contest based on iGoogle themes. Each photographer need to submit 5 pictures that would be used to create iGoogle theme.

I submit my set of picture for with it my first photography contest. I created 5 pictures featuring my little KŁken has main character display in a very positive wait, KŁken presenting someking of world beauties with a tentative of added emotional values inspired by painter: Monet and Rothko.

I hope you like it that my experiment will be selected in the 26 best set shortlist. The five best set of pictures will be display at the Saatchi Gallery and the winning win £5000!

If I win, I'll buy a Canon 5D MKII! :D

Photography ContestPhotography ContestPhotography ContestPhotography ContestPhotography Contest
KŁken becomes 3D! >
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