21/04/2009 Gerhard Richter at the London National Portrait Gallery

Gerhard Richter is German painter born in Dresden in 1932. His perception of portrait was very unconventional.

"I don't think the painter need either see or know the sitter. A portrait must not express anything of the sitter's 'soul', essence or character"

This is so far from the practice of photographer usually use posing, dressing, environment, etc. to reflect something depth or more personal from the sitter, Richter was resisting interpretation:

"You realise that you can't represent reality at all - that what you make represents nothing but itself, and therefore is itself reality"

He explored techniques to stop tentative of any perception.

The National Portrait Gallery in London display an exhibition of 48 Gerhard Richter portraits until May 31th 2009.

Inspired by Gerhard Richter ideas, I didn't some experiments based on casual situation, casual pictures.

Nothing but itselfNothing but itselfNothing but itselfNothing but itselfNothing but itselfNothing but itself
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