26/03/2009 Canon EOS 500D announced

I have just bought my Canon EOS 450D and Canon already announced this Canon EOS 500D ... how unfortunate. It's not suposed to replace the Canon EOS 450D but reach a little bit higher gamme to compete with the Nikon D90.

Well sound like theory but for sure it makes a better competitor to the Nikon D90 because like this camera for Nikon, it is the first camera to bring video recording for a Canon advanced amator camera ... A feature I would love to have to my camera!

It can record at 30 FPS in HD720 and 20 FPS in HD1080. Quite impressive even if this type of camera is not likely going to make you film an amazing movie! It could be a great fun of experimenting!

Like the Canon EOS 450D, it is very light for a camera of this quality thanks to the use of plastic body material. One big advantage over Nikon camera for my point of view even if it doesn't look as good. It is still sold with the good generic 18-55 IS lens within a kit. However, it gets the 15MP sensor of the 50D which allow the video mode and a better 640*480 screen. It also extended the ISO range to 3200 which can be expanded to ISO 12800.

Not actually much for this new camera ... expect this video mode! Well, I'm still happy with my lovely 450D :)

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